Aiki-Kenjundo is an art of humanity and self awareness. It is a guide for the formation of outstanding character. Kenjundo is practiced as a modern world self defense, as well as a contemporary universal philosophy.  Fusing four primary arts into one: Bojutsu, Aikido, Karate, and Kobudo, Kenjundo is not just a mixed martial art but rather a way to maximize your human potential. We do this through rigorous physical and mental training. Students of the art can expect to improve themselves in the following ways:


Physical: One can develop good coordination, gain strength, increase flexibility, and improve cardio-vascular conditioning. From all of these physical practices one can have a strong body.


Mental:One can build self-confidence, gain better judgment, and improve self-control. With these mental disciplines, one can develop a  sound mind.


Philosophical: While developing a strong body and sound mind, it is appropriate to learn the valuable philosophical tools and lessons in life offered by Aiki-Kenjundo.




Bojutsu/Budo: Bojutsu is the goal of absolute effective application of fighting techniques in combat, while Budo pairs with Bojutsu, bringing focus on the perfection of the moral fiber of the individual. 


Aikido: This is considered to be a non-aggressive style of fighting. Size, weight, age and physical strength differences of the opponents play only a small role as the skilled Aikido practitioner is able to redirect the attacker’s energy, keeping his attacker in a constant of unbalance.


Karate: Is in unarmed self defense that is more than a method of combat. Karate emphasizes self-discipline, positive attitude, and high moral purpose.


Kobudo:  Is the art of classical Japanese weapons, using forms and training for practical application.

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